Winners of 5th Zeki Yurtbay Design Competition are presented their Awards Winners of 5th Zeki Yurtbay Design Competition are presented their Awards
Winners of 5th Zeki Yurtbay Design Competition are presented their Awards

The results of ceramic tile design competition, which Yurtbay Seramik organize as an indication of its contribution to the development of design and training in the industry, are announced.

A total of 366 projects applied to the competition entitled "Chaos and Order", and 6 of these projects evaluated according to the competition criteria were deemed worthy of the award.

In "Zeki Yurtbay Design Awards", organized for the 5th time this year, Yurtbay Seramik aimed at encouraging young talents and opening the doors to a unique and innovative world and thus, bringing the contrasts of the nature of design with the natural form of the ceramics.

In the competition based on the "Orderly Disorder '' theme, contributing to the ceramics industry and education, supporting creative ideas, emphasizing the importance of design in the ceramic industry, bringing out original and producible designs led to an enjoyable process and many original projects were involved in this enjoyable process. 6 out of 366 projects, submitted for the competition, were deemed worthy of awards. 1608 preliminary applications were received via the website to the competition which is open to undergraduate (both associate’s degree and bachelor’s degree) and postgraduate students, who study in architecture- and design-related departments of architecture, fine arts, art and design and engineering faculties of universities located in Turkey and the TRNC. On the deadline, i.e. November 30, 2017, 366 projects were submitted with the participation of 260 different teams formed by 313 students from 53 universities across 32 24 in Turkey and the TRNC.

Projects contributing to the understanding of industrial design concept were evaluated under the competition by the jury based on the criteria in the framework of meeting the prerequisites for participation in the competition, innovative idea proposal, designing in the context of the theme, expression of the design through in the proposed living space, originality, universal aesthetics and manufacturability in terms of material and technical details.

Prof. Ayşegül İzer (Head of MSGSÜ GSF Graphic Design Department), Birsen Canbaz (Ceramics Artist), Defne Koz (Designer/ Koz Susani Design), Sertaç Ersayın (Industrial Designer/ Founder of Reform-Ist) and Prof. Sevim Çizer (Head of DEU GSF Ceramic and Glass Design Department) were among the jury of the competition that tried to awaken the minds with “Orderly Disorder” theme and emphasized the journey of integration of everything that seems to be in disorder but actually is a constituent of a large order into the nature.

Based on the evaluation, "Top 3 Ranking Projects" and "Equivalent 3 Projects Awarded with Honourable Mention" were determined. The awards will be presented on January 20th, 2018 during a ceremony in the scope of Yurtbay Ceramic Dealers Meeting to be held in Antalya. The designers will be awarded with 25, 500 TRY in total. The winner of the competition will also be offered the opportunity to produce and display his/her design at Yurtbay Seramik stand in Unicera 2018 Ceramic Bathroom Kitchen Fair.

The winners of the ceramics tile design competition, which was organized with the motto of "Your Designs from Nature to Art" this year are as follows:








Kübra Yüksel

Haliç University

Industrial Products Design (Bachelor’s Degree)

10.000,00 TL


Sarp Tanrıdağ

İhsan Doğramacı Bilkent University

Architecture (Bachelor’s Degree)

7.500,00 TL

Nuraddin Kazimov

Seher Ulusoy


Mert Can Bakır

Marmara University

Industrial Products Design (Bachelor’s Degree)

5.000,00 TL


Övgü Dogan

Marmara University

Industrial Products Design (Bachelor’s Degree)

1.000,00 TL


Varlık Yücel

İstanbul Technical University

Informatics in Architectural Design (Master’s Degree)

1.000,00 TL

İlke Yıldan


Volkan Tekin

Ondokuz Mayıs University

Interior Architecture (Bachelor’s Degree)

1.000,00 TL

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